The groups found in Thaliost

Aundairian Expatriates

Leader: Randal White. A male Human Eldritch Knight, known for his loyalty for Aundair.


Liotian Traders

Leader: Silaqui Milanme. A female Elf, known for her stubborn attitude


House Orien


House Deneith


House Thuranni


The Golden Crow: A trader, an artisan and a spellcaster banded together to withstand the chaos in Thaliost.

Leader: The Platinum Man: Charles D. Brightwood. A male Human trader, is known his suaveness.

Leader: The Iron Dragon: Taklinn Holderhek. A male Dwarf smith, who is passionate about his work.

Leader: The Opaline oracle: Arizima Goldenrod. A female Human wizard, often lost in thought.


Scions Liberation Front

Leader: Rumored is that the 2nd son of Mart kalay, Rimardo Kalay, is the leader. A male Human wizard, with hostile feelings for those of Thrane.


Church of the Silver Flame

Leader: Archbishop Solgar Dariznu. A male Human cleric, best known for his cruelty.


Knights of Thrane

leader: Marshal Barnus Firehope. A male Human warrior. best known for his righteous decisions.

The groups found in Thaliost

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