The districts that make Thaliost

Overall description of Thaliost: Thaliost is build in the Aundair style, because the city used to belong to Aundair. The city is structurally build and is surrounded by a mighty city wall. Most of the buildings in the city are made of plastered walls with red tiled concave roofs and do not reach higher than 2 floors. They also give off a light and airy look and have some elegance due to ornate features. The rooms inside are large, well lit and its few partitions are made of wood.

The city is roughly divided into 2 segments: the Old City and the New City. The Old City is shaped like a square with the main roads in the corners and the crossroad in the middle, and it is surrounded by a defensive wall. The New City is an eastward expansion connecting Thalios with the White Arch Bridge and the waterfront. It was build several decades before the Last War.

Old City districts

Citadel of the Flame: Imposing in thw west of Old City lies the citadel and home of Archbishop Solgar Dariznu. Also the Thaliost Court with its marbled gateway can be found in the west.

Crossroads: Laying in the center of Old City, lies the famous crossroads. The Swallowtail Inn and the 5 Color Shop can be found at the crossing and further along the roads, the Red School of Magic and the Round Square market can be found.

Old Thaliost: This south facing district gives of a solemn feeling. the oldest families of Thalioist can be found here with the Kavay family residency being particularly eye catching.

Overcourt: Lying in the eastern part of the Old City, next to the New City's Roudec ward. The Overcourt has many shops and halls dotting its district. With the large Gresham guildhjall overlooking the 12 Moons Plaza, of which the presence of 13th moon still can be seen.

Tarnish: The northern part of Old City is starting to decay and fall into disrepair. Since the destruction of the White Arch Bridge, a lot of wealth, influence and interest has left the district. Luckily the Copper Cup pub, known for its unique ales, is still here.

New City

Silvercliff Ward: Being named after the cliff that it borders, this ward houses those with money. With grand mansions and gardens , it even lured some of the nobles from the Old City to move to this ward. Most noteworthy is the huge Silver tree, that stands in the middle of a park.

Roudec: Next to the White Arch Bridge lies the traders ward. Filled with warehouses, depots and cranes, large amount of goods  are exchanged here. The somewhat rundown Lightning Rail station with it large platforms is also to be found here.

Westedge: On the edges of New City lies the "Edge". This rumble and tumble district is often avoided even by the Knights of Thrane.

The districts that make Thaliost

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